G’day mate,

This blog is my attempt at planning a bicycle ride across the bottom of Australia, leaving Perth WA and arriving in St. Leonards VIC.  I have planned this trip for September or October 2014 but of course this depends on my new bosses in the new year.

At the moment I plan to go solo and unsupported whilst raising some $$ for “Soldier On“.  I don’t have any sponsors for the time being and not really looking for any.  So any gear I’m taking is what I have bought.  So come with me on my journey as I sort out my gear and bike and hopefully learn something along the way.

After I buy something for my ride, I’ll post my thoughts about it and later on, I’ll give a more in-depth review when it’s been used in anger.  Any thoughts or problems I have with my gear you will know about as well.

So anyway, enjoy poking around the site and I hope you’ll subscribe and maybe leave a comment or two.



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