And it’s begun….

Leaving to cross the Nullabor Desert by bike

Leaving to cross the Nullabor Desert by bike(written by Melinda) Eddie left yesterday morning.  He had planned to leave around 9.00, however his first departure with the fully laden bike showed an alarming wobble in the third wheel.  There followed two hours of googling, tweaking, repacking, re-googling, re-tweaking and more repacking.  He finally left just before 11.00am.

I estimate his bike is carrying around 90kg of supplies, and that’s without all his water containers filled.  They’ll be filled once he starts across the desert, however while he’s still around civilisation it’s not necessary.

Yesterday he didn’t make it as far as planned.  The late start, the really heavy bike, unexpected long and high hills, plus continuing issues with the third wheel meant he only reached the outskirts of Perth before needing to stop for the night.  We’ll see how he goes today with the third wheel and if the issues continue we’ll probably have to replace it with some other kind of trailer.

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