Another dry story

Dehydrating Food.

“Dehydrating or drying is a method of food preservation that works by removing moisture from the food, which in turn limits the growth of bacteria and has been used worldwide since ancient times to preserve food.  Where or when dehydration as a food preservation technique was developed has been lost over time, however the earliest known practice of food drying is 12,000 B.C. by inhabitants of the modern Middle East and Asia areas.”

Today’s attempt with different food types and dehydrating:

Corn: before 33 grams, after 9 grams.

Pineapple: before 142 grams, after 17 grams.

Apple: before 97 grams, after 15 grams.

Mince Steak: before 250 grams, after 55 grams.

Here are the before photos:

Dehydrating food
Pineapple before. 142 grams.
Dehydrating food
Corn before. 33 grams.








Dehydrating food
Mine meat before. 250 grams.
dehydrating food
Apple before. 97 grams.








And the results after waiting 10 hours: Mince, pineapple, apple and corn.

dehydrated food
Mince meat after. 55 grams.
dehydrated food
Pineapple after. 17 grams.
dehydrated food
Apple after. 15 grams.
dehydrated food
Corn after. Only 9 grams.















Dehydrating food is a very good way to reduce bulk and weight of your foodstuffs and prolong its life expectancy, especially handy for a long solo tour away from civilisation.  I’m sure I have many lessons to learn in my attempts to master this art.

For more information on dehydration:

Check out PineMartyn‘s youtube videos on camping and how to dehydrate food.

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