Upgrade my bicycle #1 & #2

Any earlier stated, I have retrieved my bike from Wayne Kotzur, who added two braze-ons to my forks to allow the fitting of the new Tubus Ergo rack and to continue to upgrade my bicycle.

I was also able to fit my Brooks B17 special saddle as well.

upgrade my bicycle
New saddle fitted.

Let the breaking in of the arse begin!  Now that it’s finally on the bike, I have realised that my existing saddle bag will need a new connector to fit the wider saddle rails of the Brooks, or a new saddle bag that fits a Brooks saddle.  I may have to buy a saddle bag that doesn’t used the plastic connectors and relies on being strapped to the seat rails and seat post.  I have a bias against these types of bags for some reason.

upgrade my bicycle
The complete package done. For now!

I have plans for another rack for the rear and most likely will be another Tubus rack as I consider their build quality bullet proof but on the expensive side.  I suppose you get what you pay for.  Hate to be on the side of a desert highway with a broken rack all for the sake of extra $$ I didn’t want to spend.

I thought I was all done with homework and researching when I finished school.  Thank goodness for the evil interweb, let the drooling continue as I upgrade my bicycle.

upgrade my bicycle
The new rack.