Brooks B17 Special Saddle – My thoughts

Had my first ride commuting to work on my new Brooks B17 Special saddle today.  I bought the honey coloured one just for something different from the common everyday black saddles you see about the place.

Initials thought “Frigging heck this is so slippery,’ my wrists, elbows and shoulders were getting sore and tired from keeping me in the proper position on the saddle although occasionally I would slip down the seat.

Googled the problem at work, hmm seems to be a common problem that will fix itself in time but in the meanwhile, adjust the seat so that it points up a bit.  Well the commute home was much better, but I try it at this setting again in the morning and probably adjust it one more spot.

I must say, out of the box the saddle is very comfortable, I had a week off cycling and usually there is an adjustment period with my old seat but not today it was very comfy.

Update 06 Aug 13.  Well I pedalled to work with the same settings as yesterday’s ride home, but after a refreshing shower and change of clothes I adjusted the seat up one more notch, I think I will have found the sweet spot. 🙂

Update 19 Oct 13. Yup, that one more tilt of the saddle and I have definitely found the sweet spot with this saddle.

Below is a youtube of the manufacturing process of your Brooks B17 saddle.  Enjoy