FiberFix spoke replacement


Originally FiberFix Spokes were developed for and used by long-distance, touring cyclists. Frequently, touring bikes carry heavily loaded panniers, that test the strength of the best wheels. Add in a rough road or bump, and you can end up with a broken spoke. FiberFix Spokes are strength-tested to withstand the force placed on the spokes of a fully-loaded touring bicycle.

Beats being stranded out in the middle of nowhere for the sake of $12-15 .

Bike Touring News and one of my touring websites, Crazy Guy on a Bike


Stein mini cassette removal tool

Travelling Two website

Pushing the pedals has an article showing Olivia practicing using the tool.

As Daniel from the above link stated: You may be wondering why anybody would even want to remove their cassette while on tour.  The purpose is to allow the replacement of broken spokes in the rear wheel.  The rear drive-side spokes are the most likely to break due to the higher tension and torque from the drivetrain.

You may in the worst case need to replace your cassette.




Bike tools and spares

Bought myself a handy little presta to schrader valve tool. valve tool

Found it at Chain Reaction for staggering $2.90  Could be handy at roadhouses and such.




I brought myself some chain joiners (quick links) off ebay (Seller Seafood1981) cost a whole $1.99 each with $2.50 postage, at this price plus the fact that the postage didn’t go up with each extra link, I got myself five of them.  Handy to have in the toolbox and not just for this trip.chain link


Things I plan to do to my bike before I leave

Make sure that I have the matching tool that fits every allen key nut and screw on the bike.  Coming home from work on Wednesday, my left crankarm came loose, I whipped my new bike multi tool to fix the recalcitrant crank arm and discovered that I don’t have a 8mm allen key handy.

Jerryrigging the 6mm and the flat blade of a screwdriver I managed to tighten the crankarm so it was good for another 500m but this got old after the third time and I called the Boss to come get me.