Power on the road

For power on the road and recharging my various items, I’m looking at getting a dynamo hub for the front wheel (eyeing off a Shimano DH-3N72A) and a solar charger of which I have already bought.

The solar charger is a Goal Zero Nomad 7 once it arrives, I’ll put it through it’s paces and see how long it takes or if it can charge my gear.

My gear includes a HP mini laptop, Garmin 810, my MP3/radio/light and an Olympus 1050Sw camera. I have no doubt that I cannot charge them all at once, but will probably work out a rotation through out the day.  On another point also looking at buying an external battery pack so I maybe able to top up during the night my more essential items.

g10_main solar panel

Note: Items not to scale with each other.

Kitchen Bits

Kitchen Bits by Sea to Summit.

Came across this item during my foray into Anaconda at Fyshwick on the weekend. (seriously I was there for the camping stuff.)

A great (?) collection of lightweight and fully functional camp cooking accessories. Kitchen Bits feature the contents of the Kitchen Kit with a few extras. The bottles are incredibly handy for herbs, spices, olive oil, vinegar or any other culinary condiments.


  • Even more bits than the large Kitchen Kit
  • Loads of bottles and/or jars, mini grater, whisk and chopping boardOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes one of those items is a grater, also a whisk and a rip off of the ol’ faithful army can opener.

Can’t see myself using let alone taking along the whisk or that can opener, an old army one will one as it’s also a spoon of sorts on the other end.
The larger bottles most likely olive oil, salt, pepper and TBI on the other bottles.

Bought myself a scanpan knife and cover and a small eggflip from one of those kitchen shops in the DFO, who seem to always be having a large percentage off sale.

Bike tools and spares

Bought myself a handy little presta to schrader valve tool. valve tool

Found it at Chain Reaction for staggering $2.90  Could be handy at roadhouses and such.




I brought myself some chain joiners (quick links) off ebay (Seller Seafood1981) cost a whole $1.99 each with $2.50 postage, at this price plus the fact that the postage didn’t go up with each extra link, I got myself five of them.  Handy to have in the toolbox and not just for this trip.chain link


My new sleeping bag

I visited Mountain Designs and many other camping and bicycle shops in Canberra today, many of the stores had their winter sales on.  Most of the bicycle shops don’t seem to stock any mirrors which I found strange.

I remember going into camping store when I was much younger and the shops having acres of tents setup so people could check them out, but today it seems only the larger family tents get this treatment.  Maybe it’s the fuzziness of time that makes it seem this way, everything seemed larger back in the day.

Anyhow I bought myself a Wanderer 200 sleeping bag, (on sale $54 down from $109) limited range of colours by the time I purchased it, would have liked a green one but black will do. Totally Ninja.

Also popped into Anaconda at Fyshwick, I must say holy moly, they have a lot of stock and a bike section which was having a 40% off everything (ends Tuesday).  Even joined Anaconda as a member online.

Wanderer 200

Best use for Camping
Inner Fill 200 Hollowfibre g/m2
Shell 40D 350T Nylon
Approx Internal Length 190 cms
Approx Internal Width
75 cms
Bag Weight (incl stuff sack) 1.38 kgs
Zipper Length 245 cms
Zip Options Left or right zip.  Unzips flat.  Zip together.
Compressed Packed Volume 7.0 Litres
Temperature rating guide

Mountain Designs sleeping bags are independently laboratory tested according to EN 13537 to ensure you have the right bag for the right climate.  The temperature rating of our sleeping bags are indicated in 3 different measurements:

Comfort (C) is based on a standard adult woman having a comfortable night’s sleep

Limit (L) is based on the lowest temperature at which a standard adult male is deemed to be able to have a comfortable night’s sleep
Extreme (E) is a survival only rating for a standard adult woman