D-Day minus 1

A quick check of the BOM website:

Monday 1 September

Min 7
Max 20
Partly cloudy.

Perth area

Partly cloudy. Isolated showers about the southern suburbs during the evening. Winds easterly 15 to 20 km/h becoming light in the middle of the day.

So far so good, will look out the window in the morning.

Don’t forget that I have a Donation page at Soldier On.  If you are quick you can be the first 😉

Jobs left.

Somehow cram everything I want to take into my panniers, I need one of Hermoine’s bottomless bags.

And yes the bike handles like a tank now. I’m aiming for the camping ground at Eadine Springs Rest Area, about 15 km past the Baker’s Hill Bakery mmmmm pies.


Also have a page going over at Crazy Guy On A Bike’s website.