Dear Diary

Daily summary sheet

Have you ever had an idea and thought to yourself I won’t write that down as I’ll remember it because it such an easy/good idea?  Yeah I have often and I never remember what the heck I was thinking about or failed to recover the thought process that led me to that idea/thought in the first place.

Have you ever been introduced to a checklist for a what you consider a simple/easy job and eventually that checklist falls by the wayside and later you realise you have left out a step or did it in the wrong order?

Ever gone shopping without your list and not worried about because those items you needed are so important that you couldn’t possibly forget about them but remembered most but not all.  Then when you arrive back home and check your list you give yourself a mental slap for forgetting something so simple or obvious?

With all the above in mind, I have come up with my daily summary checklist of what I think I would like to remember at the end of the day when writing up the day’s event for my blog also gives something to remind myself of what I want/need to do before I start turning pedals in the morning.

It also gives me something to fill in during the day as I pass places and people and the day’s highlights and lowlights.  But as with any list, this can be tailored to suit your type of touring/riding and as time gets closer for my ride I will test and adjust the page, add or delete rows as I need them.

Daily summary.

I plan to print the daily summary checklist so as to Daily Summary Checklistget 4 lists on to A4 size paper, then cut the pages to size and glue up into a notepad and at the end of each paper. So I can tear it off and transcribe the day’s event into the computer for uploading to my blog and forums and for future reference.  This should stop the problem of what happened when, I know I met him after this place and before it rained.  Ah the fog of forgetfulness.  Grandpa Simpson I know how you feel.

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