FiberFix – it’s not about getting regular.

Ah shoot, I’ve broken a spoke in the middle of no where, what to do?

No touring cyclist should be without a couple of these little beauties.  No need to remove the wheel or cassette and this will get you back into town.  This system comes with good instructions and can even cope if you can’t remove the spoke.  Weighs almost nothing.  The flat metal tool type looking thingy is actually a spoke wrench.

fibrefixEasy To Use
String up the FiberFix Spoke using the simple instructions included. Then turn the device with a spoke wrench to the desired tightness.  Tie off the excess cord and continue your ride.

Tested Tough
FiberFix Spoke is made of a strong Kevlar cord with an extremely durable cam slide mechanism.  Unique design works on the freewheel side of the rear wheel without freewheel removal.  FiberFix Spoke has been torture tested over thousands of miles.

Bring Anywhere
With FiberFix Spoke you can true a bent rim caused by a broken spoke.  There’s no need to carry a freewheel remover or risk opening your brakes to make it home. They’re perfect for long-distance rides and back-country adventures.

What To Do If You Break a Spoke

Remove the broken spoke.  If you cannot remove the broken spoke, see fibrefix instructionsthe related section below these instructions.

  1. Thread FiberFix Spoke a few turns into the spoke nipple.  Not too far, 3 or 4 turns only.
  2. An extra spoke nipple is provided, if it is necessary.
  3. Loop the Kevlar cord in a nice even line down to the old spoke hole in the hub flange, then back up to the cam near the spoke nipple.
  4. Thread the Kevlar cord through the cam as shown in the illustration.
  5. Give it a few quick tugs to cinch it down firmly.



Whilst you are perusing this article, check out BikeHermit1 youtube video on the Fiberfix spokes.