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Nullarbor Net Nullarbor Net is your independent on-line travel guide to driving across the Nullarbor Desert. Check out the Southern Right Whales, the Bunda cliffs and surf Cactus Beach. Travel the real outback and visit remote rural destinations in Western Australia and South Australia. At Nullarbor Net we take pride in being more up to date than regular paperback travel guides – and if we’re not definitely take the time to let us know!

Maree Bike Tour Oz I rode across the Nullarbor in November 2011 as part of my ride around Australia. In this post I’ll be sharing a little bit of Nullarbor advice, talking about the distances between roadhouses, the water situation, about food and accommodation, and which way to travel and how to tell what the weather might be. I’ll also be talking about the time zones across the Nullarbor and will provide a list of links to useful resources found on the web. Please feel free to ask a question if I haven’t covered something, in the comments.

The Nullarbor  A detailed review of my 17 day ride across the Nullarbor from February 12 – February 29, 2008 by Scott Barnett.

Cycling the Nullarbor A cycling brochure published by the WA government.

Roadhouses Info – I cannot find the the webpage (I know I bookmarked it) that I got this document off, so if it’s yours and you don’t want me to display, drop me a line.

Cycle Trails Australia 3 bike touring blogs – Check out some thoughts and tales from bike touring on some remote roads of Australia.

The latest blog, zzOz, is from a bike tour from Perth to Melbourne via Cape Leeuwin, WA, Cape York, Queensland, and Wilsons Prom, Victoria: the bizarre trajectory pedalled from June 2001 to January 2013, with a 5 month stop in Alice Springs.

Munda Biddi rollercoaster, a second look at the fabbo mountain bike trail that was then only open from Mundaring near Perth to Nannup, from a couple of stray weeks from my time in Perth: January 2011/December 2010.

Heading West is from a 15 month westward progression from Melbourne to Perth: May 2010 to February 2009.

Occasionally the blogs may mention what I had for breakfast, or whether I was grinding up hills, or whizzing down ‘em, but mainly they are a daily rave about random events or the casual bumps up against the disparate patchwork of the human race that exploring the world on a bike brings.