Katadyn Vario Water Filter

Water Filters.

One of the main concerns for anyone planning a bike tour across the Nullarbor or even any of the desert tracks in Australia or the world is of course water.  Without H2O you don’t go.  This is where water filters come in.

water filter
MSR mini works
water filter
Katadyn Vario

During my interweb trawling for information, I had narrowed my preferred water filter to either the Katadyn Vario or the MSR Miniworks.

While they both work and look similar, weights and size are almost identical.

Obviously going by the title I went with the Katadyn, I think it was the variable water filter settings depending on water quality at the time, longer filter life or quicker output volume.  0.1 micron difference in the filtering is not a real big deal in my eyes.

I went pricing the Katadyn in Australia but they were mostly at least 50% dearer than the rest of the world.  I ended up on Amazon and got it delivered for $105 AUD. (Believe it or not something I wanted on Amazon was actually able to be sent to Australia.)  A well known camping store in OZ wanted $150 without the delivery costs. You do the maths.  Ordered Thursday arvo was in my hand by Wednesday morning.

Below is a video by KatadynKP on youtube.