Kitchen Bits

Kitchen Bits by Sea to Summit.

Came across this item during my foray into Anaconda at Fyshwick on the weekend. (seriously I was there for the camping stuff.)

A great (?) collection of lightweight and fully functional camp cooking accessories. Kitchen Bits feature the contents of the Kitchen Kit with a few extras. The bottles are incredibly handy for herbs, spices, olive oil, vinegar or any other culinary condiments.


  • Even more bits than the large Kitchen Kit
  • Loads of bottles and/or jars, mini grater, whisk and chopping boardOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes one of those items is a grater, also a whisk and a rip off of the ol’ faithful army can opener.

Can’t see myself using let alone taking along the whisk or that can opener, an old army one will one as it’s also a spoon of sorts on the other end.
The larger bottles most likely olive oil, salt, pepper and TBI on the other bottles.

Bought myself a scanpan knife and cover and a small eggflip from one of those kitchen shops in the DFO, who seem to always be having a large percentage off sale.