Longer life food?

In the words of Prof Farnsworth, Good news everybody.  I just bought a ZIPVAC system from Ray Outdoors for $30.  Comes with a manual pump and 3 x 200 x 170 mm bags and 3 x 260 x 260mm bags.

The revolutionary, resealable vacuum storage system that’s rugged enough for the outdoors type.  Store dry goods away from moisture, seal in freshness for meat, vegetables and other perishables, or protect valuables while you’re in the field.

zipvacIdeal for fishing, camping, bike touring or any outdoor activities you want to protect and preserve.

Features & Specifications:
Store dry goods, Seal in freshness, Manual pump, it’s quick & easy, secure sealing and protect valuables.

You can either buy the battery powered pump or a hand pump, as power is a limited resource when touring I have optioned for the hand pump.  I believe the powered version is recharged via a wall socket.

ZIPVAC Vacuum Starter Kit (Pack 3) 200 x 170 mm bags and (Pack 3) 260 x 260mm bags.
ZIPVAC Gallon Bags (Pack 12) 280 x 300 mm
ZIPVAC Quart Bags (Pack 15) 83 x 225 mm
ZIPVAC Fillet Bags (Pack 20)  220 x 500 mm
ZIPVAC Jumbo Bags (Pack 20) 350 x 370 mm

Zipvac instructions can be downloaded from here, for some reason there are no instructions with the starter kit.

Insert marketing blurb here:

Here is a simple and economical solution – it’s called ZipVac. Our patented resealable bags have triple-layer embossed oxygen barrier that locks flavour in and freezer burn out.

The ZipVac bags are washable and reusable and safe in the dishwasher and Microwave oven.

The ZipVac, you will savour the flavour of the wild, it also keeps the water out of your food or fish fillets when sitting in the cold water in the esky. Don’t go to their website www.zipvac.com.au as they must not have paid for domain name or something, but their NZ site works.

Anyhow watch Patrick D’s video below, it’ll answer almost any question you have.