My new saddle

I was pondering buying a new saddle from Wiggle, I was looking for a B17 Standard saddle and whilst browsing their site and placing bits in my shopping cart, upon checkout I noted at the top of the page, the Gold and Platinum discounts, thinking to myself, mmmm my wife buys a few items from here I wonder if she is Gold or Platinum member.  Thankfully she was and my B17 Standard turned into a B17 Special down from $116 to $92, which made it about $4 more than standard if I had bought it through my account.

Anyhow here are some gratuitous pictures, I love the copper rails.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow to apply some Proofide (which you have to buy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAseparately, although for the price they could include some) and either break the saddle in or my bum.