Garmin Edge 810

To my surprise, my lovely wife bought me a Garmin Edge 810 with topo maps for my trip, although I can start using and learning it right away.  I should be able to download my planned day trips into.

What the heck am I talking about? Well here are two reviews of the Edge 810:

DCRainmaker’s review which is pretty good and deep review; and‘s review

Edge 810

02 Nov 13 I’ve been using the Edge 810 for a few months now although only for commuting to work and back. It hasn’t let me down yet, I like how customisable it is and the training partner, although I will have to adjust it so that he stops as the traffic lights when I do.  No wonder I can never catch him.

I have an overnight tour downloaded into it but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, so I’ll see how the Nav instructions go.