Not bowling but here are some spares.

Every consumable item on the bike will be close to new before I turn my first wheel. Although it will be tested prior to touring.

Cables: As with most trips, not everything goes according to plan, there is always some element of your journey that turns to custard.  And with this in mind, it’s time to start thinking about some spare parts, that no doubt if I don’t buy them then I will need them somewhere along the Nullarbor.

I have bought off eBay some spare cables 2 x brakes and 2 x gear cables, much cheaper to buy off eBay than the LBS.  The current set of cables on my bike were purchased off eBay and although much cheaper they are doing the job I expect, doesn’t seem to be much stretching as I haven’t OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAadjusted the brakes or gears much.  They seem to slide ok inside the outers.  So I don’t know what the more expensive LBS cables do that these ones won’t.

Chain Links: I bought five of these off eBay, one now resides in my toolbag under the saddle.

Spokes: As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m building my own set of wheels, the spokes arrived in the middle of the week and after viewing a few youtube videos on lacing 36h wheels, I have finished the lacing part on both wheels.  I bought my spokes from Rose Bikes ( a German website with an English domain name) they were pretty good to deal with, and their prices for the DT Swiss spokes was good and that’s before the VAT refund.  I now have two spare spokes for each side of each wheel, plus I have two fiberfix spokes coming just in case.

Chain:  I’ll start my tour with a new chain and most likely a new cassette and take along my old chain depending on how much service it has done, or maybe even be another new one.  One theme I run across in other blogs is trying to get your items to do two or more jobs if possible, so with some thought on this, I have been thinking about using the spare chain (threaded though some of that OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAclear plastic hose you see at Bunnings to protect the chain and a padlock for my bike security when off the bike and others are about.  I plan to use the complete length of the new chain before it is made to measure for the bike so any damaged links can be removed and swap the old chain over to security job.