On bike entertainment

About Feb this year, I started looking for something to listen to whilst riding.  After the numerous Google searches, I tried the DX website and discovered among many items that ‘might’ fit the bill, and found this little beauty:

MP3 Radio Light (SKU 91300) I’ll give the Reader Digest’s abridged version of their description plus my comments in italics:

Finally DX has sourced a high quality flashlight that is not just a flashlight.
This one of a kind flashlight has an aluminium alloy body that ensures its strength and durability. The flashlight features 3 modes; High, Low and Strobe.  A FM receiver is built-in; allowing you to listen to news reports, weather reports and even just relax to the sounds of your favourite songs.
The built-in MP3 player is truly great. It has 4GB of built-in memory and can read TF cards up to 4GB in capacity. I have used 2.6 Gb with 583 songs.
This great flashlight even comes with a mounting bracket for a bike (which is CRAP and broke on the first ride). sku_91300_1
The rechargeable internal battery is 1800mAh in size and can last up to 8 hours. This set is so complete you won’t have to buy anything not even the earphones.
There’s no manual in English just as an added bonus, so I haven’t figured out the FM radio part yet.