Power for the road – Damper

I’ve been experimenting with food that I can cook on the road (thanks for the patience of my wife), trying to cook food by simulating what I will have with me in terms of gear and heat (Still waiting on my Trangia stove to arrive), so I use the lower settings on the stove top.

The damper I have been making has come along way from the first attempt, the only trouble I see is the clean up of the bowl and knife.  I did try mixing it up in a plastic zip bag (FAIL).

My recipe:

1/3 cup self raising flour

1/4 tbs mixed milk powder

pinch of salt

I run my finger across the top of 1/3 cup flour and knock some of flour onto the cutting board for later rolling the damper on to coat it with flour.

Mix in a bowl with a knife until it holds to together and is not totally sticky.  (if mixing anything else in now is the time to add it).  Don’t use all your milk, save a little for dabbing on the damper prior to cooking.

Scoop it up on the knife and place it on the flour on the cutting board and roll the damper around.

Place in pot on the stove, which should have been heating up when you started this job.  You can flip the damper over when cooking but it makes it flatter.

The pictures below is my latest one, I combine it with raisins, it cooked in 20 minutes although a bit burnt on the bottom I could eat it as it was.  I think I will make these at night for lunch the next day but I thinking it will make it with a 1/2 cup of flour instead of 1/3.  They are nice with vegemite or jam.