Power on the road

For power on the road and recharging my various items, I’m looking at getting a dynamo hub for the front wheel (eyeing off a Shimano DH-3N72A) and a solar charger of which I have already bought.

The solar charger is a Goal Zero Nomad 7 once it arrives, I’ll put it through it’s paces and see how long it takes or if it can charge my gear.

My gear includes a HP mini laptop, Garmin 810, my MP3/radio/light and an Olympus 1050Sw camera. I have no doubt that I cannot charge them all at once, but will probably work out a rotation through out the day.  On another point also looking at buying an external battery pack so I maybe able to top up during the night my more essential items.

g10_main solar panel

Note: Items not to scale with each other.