Soldier On

This adventure is going to cover approximately 3500km, beginning at Padbury in Western Australia and finishing (all going to plan) in St Leonards, Victoria. I’m aiming to complete the journey in 30 days give or take a few.  I plan to stop at towns and take photographs of any War Memorials/Cenotaphs along the way.

The Nullarbor Plain (Latin: nullus, “no”, and arbor, “tree”) is the largest single exposure of limestone in the world. It is approx 20 million years old and covers some 200,000 square kilometres. The name Nullarbor was given to this area by South Australian surveyor Edmund A. Delisser in 1866.

This trip is completely self-funded with all monies raised going to Soldier On. I’ll be keeping an eye out for sponsors and donations along the way or a top up of the water bottles. I look forward to sharing this adventure with many friends and colleagues along the way and you can keep up to date at my blog ( or for fund raising efforts via this page (

I plan to leave my home on 01 Sep, so let the huffing and puffing begin!

Soldier On
Soldier On

4 thoughts on “Soldier On”

  1. Eddie. Janette mentioned your project. My wife and I (St Leonards residents) are taking a caravan across to Perth aiming to arrive 3 or 4 September and returning end of October. This is a great initiative – good on you.
    How many taking part? Keep us posted.- we will look out for you.
    Russ Bath

    1. Howdy Russell, I might see you on the road then, maybe around Kalgoorlie area.
      There is only me, so look for a single rider.

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