My shiny new precious.

Well, yesterday I retired the tired old Velocity Deep V rear wheel before the cracks did me in.  I have now successfully built my first two bicycle wheel from scratch.

The new wheel consists of a Mavic rim (36H variety), DT Swiss spokes, a Shimano 105 freehub and 8 speed cassette. A more detailed post on these items can be found at Another wheely good post or two.  After breaking two rear axles on my old wheel (which was a freewheel hub)  I moved away from these types of hubs after a conversation with one of the mechanics at Pushys at Fyshwick.  He explained the difference of where the bearings sit in relation to the load being placed on them.

See picture: hub differences The bearings are represented by the red circles.  The bearing on the right side of the lower picture is where both of the previous axles broke.

Another advantage of the freehub, is that I can remove this cassette by using the Unior cassette remover instead on carrying a chain-whip around on tour.  A lot of weight is saved.  Plus the Unior tool can be used a spoke tool as well. And I can wear it as a Colonel Klink monocle if/when I get bored on tours.  HOGAANNNNNN.

See below for the cassette:shimano-9spd-cassette-med

And here are examples of the Unior Cassette removal tool (left) and a chain-whip (right).


Before I digress too far, this morning’s commute went fine, a few seconds of tinging as the spokes settled but then they weren’t heard from again.  The brakes seem happier too grabbing a nice flat rim instead of the concaved / cracked Velocity rim.  I have also made a front rim which is almost ready to go on the bike, it has a dynamo hub but I have no lights for it to run yet, plus I’m searching the LBS and the interweb for rim tape in 622 20mm size at a ‘non give up a kidney for’ price.  My new rear is currently using the old velocity rim tape which is 16mm, and well no flats yet. 🙂Chainwhip

Next I upgrade I think I’ll do is replacement is of the front and rear derailleurs, I changed to a triple chainring a few weeks back but I am still using a double chainring derailleur and is at its limit of range of movement, probably have to replace the cable as well due to stretching from doing more than it should and I believe the current Sora rear is bent/twisted but not being an expert on these things I could be mistaken. (It has happened before).

hub comparisions

Another wheely good post or two

Built my 1st and 2nd wheel this week, primed myself by watching a few youtube videos, which when you don’t have the bits in front of you, you never notice errors or omissions in the videos until you are trying to do it step by step with the video.

Anyhow my wheels now consist of:

Mavic A119 700c 36H rims front and rear from Chain Reaction as well as a couple of Tioga tubes.
Shimano DH-3N72A dynamo (36h) hub for the front wheel came from Wiggle as did the
Schwalbe Marathon Green guard tyres 700 x 35 which for the tour I think I will probably buy some folding Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tyres in 40 mm, which weigh 300g less.

Spokes are DT Swiss Alpine III which I got at Rose Bikes.
Shimano 105 5700 rear hub 36H mated with a CS-HG50-8 speed cassette, these are also Wiggle purchases.

Yes I bought all my items from overseas otherwise I would still be saving up to purchase them locally.

I will buy some more nipples as I seem to have damaged a few of them with my cheapo spoke tool, but the wheels seem to have trued up ok today, although there is a little hop in height but no lateral runout.

Yup, I forgot to order any rim tape.


Planned upgrades

Changing the crankset from double ring to triple ring and the associated bottom bracket. Completed. It’s an old Shimano Biopace triple ring 28-44-50, seems to be in good nick. Also had to pop out to the LBS, to buy a longer BB to fit the triple ring.

New wheel set:

Mavic A119 700c 36H rims front and rear; Spokes TBA Rims have arrived from Chain Reaction.
Shimano DH-3N72A dynamo hub for the front 36H
Schwalbe Marathon Green-guard tyres 700 x 35 Tyres are here from Wiggle.
Shimano 105 5700 rear hub 36H mated with a CS-HG51-8 speed cassette. I have gone with a CS-HG50-8 cassette instead.

During my homework I found that 36H hubs and rims are much stronger than 32H equivalents. (H = holes)

Larger mirror, going to change my small Zefal spin mirror to a larger Urbie. The Zefal is fine when on cycling paths but a bit limited when in the cycling lane on the Monaro Highway in Canberra.  The Zefal will be fitted to the left handlebar. Completed.

New mudguards, some SKS Chromoplastic 45mm. They have arrived from Chain Reaction

A new front rack, a Tubus Ergo lowrider which I will get two brazed on eyelets added by Wayne Kotzur. The rack is also from Wiggle and is sitting on my desk. Added 21 Jul 13, I trialled fitted the track today and marked out where to two eyelets need to be.

For lights to go with my new dynamo, a B&M IQ2 complimented by a B&M toplight rear light. Although my homework continues about the lighting system.

Almost forgot, a new saddle a Brooks B17 standard, in honey flavour. Added 21 Jul 13, I purchased a Brooks B17 Special yesterday using my wife’s platinum discount at Wiggles.  It was within $6 of the standard under my account so why not.