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About Pannier Racks

Bicycle racks gives you versatility when riding, it means you can go shopping, commute to work with a change of clothes or your laptop, or go touring overnight or for days.  It’s safer and more comfortable to carry weight on the bike, and not in a backpack which just makes your back get hot and sweaty.

It keeps the centre of gravity low down and means less load on your hands and bum and side wind doesn’t knock you around as much.  A quality rack will support either a rack pack or a set of panniers and your camping gear.

Racks which fit directly onto the frame are best, but there are racks for full suspension models, seat post mounted racks are also very effective.  Disc brakes which were once a problem with racks are no longer a problem, with more and more companies making disc specific bicycle racks, the world is your oyster.

Top Features of the Tubus Cosmo Rack
It will fit either 650 (26″) or 700 (28″) wheel fitting.

According to the manufacturer it weighs in at 730g although my tipped the scales at 803g which included all the accessories.

It can hold a load at 40kg max.

The Cosmo Rack is a stainless steel rear rack: Designed on the principle that the load needs to be carried lower and further back to give maximum heel clearance without compromising stability.

Constructed of tig welded tubular stainless tubing: the result is an attractive and durable rack.

Initial impressions:

Straight out of the box: Well the Cosmo Rack is a solid Tubus Cosmo rack tabspiece of engineering and well-constructed.  Hard to flex the supports legs in to forwards each other.  It’s pretty light in the hand and the colour is not too bad.  The seat stay mounts and the connecting pieces are sturdily constructed.

The Cosmos Rack has a plate welded to the base of the two vertical rack bars which gives extra strength compared to most racks which connect to the bike via a single vertical rack bar which then flattens out with hole for attaching, which is where most racks seem to break.  The plate is welded on all four sides.

You can mount your bags further down and back away Tubus Cosmo Rack stays and connectionsfrom your heel when pedalling.

I didn’t find this rack difficult at all to install, especially after I flipped through the instructions although in fairness I only looked at the pictures as the wording was in German.  It comes with stainless steel fittings and once all the bits are in place this is a rock solid rack, it has excellent weld quality and protection for your rear light.

The mounting system is extremely sturdy (solid aluminium rod connects the rack with the seat stay mounts instead of pressed zinc coated tin which did twist and vibrate on my old rear rack.


Very tough and lightweight.  When carrying a heavy pannier load you need to know your rack is up to the job. It is on the expensive side, but a cheap rack will soon have you screaming in the middle of nowhere when it breaks.  The Cosmo rack removes at least one worry from your mind when touring.

If you are humming and haring over this rack, it’s well worth the extra money. You won’t regret buying the Cosmo rack as you’ll never need to buy another.


 Rear rack cosmo lowerTubus-Cosmo-Rear-Rack

Upgrade my bicycle #1 & #2

Any earlier stated, I have retrieved my bike from Wayne Kotzur, who added two braze-ons to my forks to allow the fitting of the new Tubus Ergo rack and to continue to upgrade my bicycle.

I was also able to fit my Brooks B17 special saddle as well.

upgrade my bicycle
New saddle fitted.

Let the breaking in of the arse begin!  Now that it’s finally on the bike, I have realised that my existing saddle bag will need a new connector to fit the wider saddle rails of the Brooks, or a new saddle bag that fits a Brooks saddle.  I may have to buy a saddle bag that doesn’t used the plastic connectors and relies on being strapped to the seat rails and seat post.  I have a bias against these types of bags for some reason.

upgrade my bicycle
The complete package done. For now!

I have plans for another rack for the rear and most likely will be another Tubus rack as I consider their build quality bullet proof but on the expensive side.  I suppose you get what you pay for.  Hate to be on the side of a desert highway with a broken rack all for the sake of extra $$ I didn’t want to spend.

I thought I was all done with homework and researching when I finished school.  Thank goodness for the evil interweb, let the drooling continue as I upgrade my bicycle.

upgrade my bicycle
The new rack.


Bike Upgrade #1 Tubus Ergo Rack

Dropped my bike off today with Wayne Kotzur, (a Canberra Gundaroo based bike builder of some fame) although he works out at Gundaroo NSW.  Wayne is adding two braze-ons to my front forks to accommodate my new Tubus Ergo rack.  Click on the link for Wayne’s contact details, a nice bloke to have a chat with and very helpful.

tubus ergo lowrider
Tubus Ergo Lowrider Front Rack
tubus ergo lowrider
Tubus ergo fitted to the new braze ons.

Updated 02 Aug 13: I have picked up my bike from Wayne who has added the braze-ons to my forks.

Updated 20 Oct 13: I have know had the bike back for several months and have used the rack  for holding my panniers when commuting to work and back.  I have added 10mm clear tubing over the horizontal bars to accommodate the panniers as I have lost the plastic inserts you get with the bags.  The tubing help takes out the slack of the missing inserts so the bags don’t move about as much.