Soldier On

This adventure is going to cover approximately 3500km, beginning at Padbury in Western Australia and finishing (all going to plan) in St Leonards, Victoria. I’m aiming to complete the journey in 30 days give or take a few.  I plan to stop at towns and take photographs of any War Memorials/Cenotaphs along the way.

The Nullarbor Plain (Latin: nullus, “no”, and arbor, “tree”) is the largest single exposure of limestone in the world. It is approx 20 million years old and covers some 200,000 square kilometres. The name Nullarbor was given to this area by South Australian surveyor Edmund A. Delisser in 1866.

This trip is completely self-funded with all monies raised going to Soldier On. I’ll be keeping an eye out for sponsors and donations along the way or a top up of the water bottles. I look forward to sharing this adventure with many friends and colleagues along the way and you can keep up to date at my blog ( or for fund raising efforts via this page (

I plan to leave my home on 01 Sep, so let the huffing and puffing begin!

Soldier On
Soldier On

“Please allow me to introduce myself.”

Sounds like a start of a Rolling Stone’s song, no doubt when you are on your bike and taking in the sights, there will be times when you will run into someone and choose to exchange details (hopefully not insurance details) so that you can stay in touch after you say adios.

Business cards for the touring cyclist.

As I plan to fund raise for “Soldier On” during my trip across the bottom of Australia, having a business card makes me look like I know what I’m doing and not out to scam anyone or any business, plus I can put the web address for the donation page on the business card so that Business cards for the touring cyclist.they don’t have to shove their cash down my shirt.  I wonder if I should number the cards and have a raffle at the end of the trip? (Mental note ask S-O if they have any suitable prizes).

Well, how do you plan to use them I hear you ask?  Well when someone who is vaguely interested in my journey, wishes to give to Soldier On or just wants to stay up to date on my adventure, I whip out a card and hand it to them before they change their minds.  This saves me the hassle of having to find a pen and paper and having to write down all my info.

No matter the case why they want a card, carrying a business card in your bag whilst on tour sounds like a good way to ensure that you don’t have to write out your name, email address or blog address multiple times, and then you don’t have to worry about neatness, correctness or legibility of your handwriting especially when tired and shagged out after a long day in the saddle. 

Who would want a card? You may run into a kindred spirit, somebody at a roadhouse, rest stop or even a camping ground, or to a kindly grey nomad who lets you top up your water bottles or even another cyclist coming the other way.  Maybe even leave it pinned to a doorway/wall/post.

Wait a minute there’s no phone number on here.  Well no doubt as I’m speeding across the Nullarbor on my bike, I’m positive that there will be no mobile phone reception so instead of you trying to call me and getting “That number is busy or disconnected” or whatever it says.  You can drop me line on the email or the blog.  If want to give someone my phone number, I simply write my number on the back of the card. Too easy Campese!

I designed my cards using Microsoft Publisher, which has templates for business card sizes and various samples, but I went with my design.  Business cards for the touring cyclist.Not sure how many I think I will need for the trip, as these cards are trip specific but then again 500 cards don’t weigh much or take up space in the grand scheme of things.  I’m considering putting something on the back as well, but that is still a thought in process, something like, ‘you met Eddie at LOCATION on DATE but I’m open to suggestions.

NB: The everyday hero URL is not active or even exists at the moment, it’s just there for planning purposes of the card.

As for getting these cards printed, I’m sure that there is a willing local business that can do them for me at a reasonable price, I just haven’t started investigating that part yet, but it’s on my ‘to do’ list.  So what do you think of my business cards for the touring cyclist?

Pleased to meet you.