‘Take a look’ or as an Australian would say ‘have a Squiz’

Take a look mirror

Previously I had fitted first the small Zefal ‘spin’ mirror, which was OK I suppose, then it was replaced by the Urbie bike end mirror which was larger.  The Zefal was too small to be any good for merging onto the Monaro Highway here in Canberra, the Urbie had too much vibration so when I was in the ultra smooth cycling lanes (note: sarcasm) I couldn’t tell what the heck was behind me.

spin urbie







I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this youtube video by travellingtwo.

It’s time to introduce the ‘Take A Look” mirror, it’s actually smaller than I thought it would I think there maybe two revision of this mirror, all the ads I have seen seem to be bigger/squarer, but sitting at my desk it seems to do the job, but tomorrows commute should tell.  I have fitted it to my helmet and added a ziptie.  Addendum, I have now tried it out on three commutes now and it is better than both of my other mirrors, although I feel that I could do with more real estate of the actual advertised mirror.

Take a look mirror Take a look mirrorThe Travelling Two have their own blog on which they have already done a review.