Things I didn’t know before I started touring

From the blogs I have read on longer distance tours, seems about 40% of bikes break at least one spoke.

Some tourers seem to lose mudguard or rack bolts.  (NB take some spares).

Cooked long grain rice expands more than double it’s uncooked size.

You are wasting your time cooking pasta at home, then dehydrating it as it has already been done before you buy it, it goes back to its pre-cooked state but stakesup more space as it isn’t straight anymore.  You aren’t saving any time out scrub precooking your pasta as it takes the same amount of time to cook pasta from the packet as it does from your dehydrator.

Seems to be a mice problem along the Nullarbor when camping.

Be prepared to hear outrageous camping site costs for what you get and then have to pay for showers.