Trial use of the Fiberfix

If you cast your mind back to my previous article about Fiberfix, you will know that I bought two of these spokes to add to my touring toolbox.

Thinking about technical difficulties one can have on the open road, I realised that there is a difference to actually having a tool/spare and knowing how to use said tool/spare.  I would rather learn and practice how to use a fiberfix in the comfort of my garage than on the side of the road at night in the rain and wind.

fibrefixOnce you start to use one on a wheel you can get an appreciation of how ingenious they are.  I wrongly assumed that you fit the metal parts to the rim and then cinch down on the kevlar string until it’s tight and the wheel is sort of trued.  When in real life you fit the metal parts and use only 3-4 turns of the nipple, then pull the kevlar string tight, wind it through the cam system and then adjust the nipple spoke until good tension is had.

Anyhow enough of my jabbering, here are some youtube videos (actually mine this time).  Only 10 seconds long each one.

1. Before I removed a spoke.

2. wheel without a spoke.

3. Fiberfix fitted.