What’s in the bag?

If you are planning a bicycle tour and buying your food/meals at shops and such along the way then this post isn’t really for you, but if you are planning on taking your food along on your journey and crossing state lines/borders then you will need to consider quarantine and what restrictions each state places on you and your menu.

Now, I’m planning on going from Western Australia (WA) through South Australia (SA) and ending in Victoria (VIC) and bringing along for the ride most of my food, but I don’t want to get to the first border crossing and find out that any or even the majority of my food cannot continue with me. Sure I could eat it all at the border crossing but that won’t do me any good tomorrow when I’m down the road.  I suppose there’s always road kill.

For Australia, the one stop shop for quarantine matters is Quarantine Domestic which not only covers foodstuffs, but also:

  • plants or plant products
  • animals or animal products
  • soil
  • agricultural machinery and other equipment
  • recreational equipment.

On leaving WA and arriving at the SA border, I can bring dehydrated fruit and vegetables, (dehydrated being the key word) rice, pasta and dried herbs & spices into SA, so far so good that gets me to the Victorian border which upon checking is also OK with what I’m planning on taking. But If I was planning on going in the reverse direction Vic through SA to WA, them, yes I’m ok at the Victorian and SA borders with everything, but at the WA border, they have a different view on home dehydrated and commercial dehydrated foods, also on processed and unmilled rice, whereas VIC and SA just use the one definition.  Might be worth checking if you are planning on taking honey, nuts and potatoes.

Not only will they take away the verboten foodstuff but you could end up with a fine and that won’t be fine and it will put a dent in your touring aspirations and budget.

Below are the information pages I downloaded and converted to PDFs if anyone is interested/planning a bike tour across the bottom of Australia in the near future.

destination-south-australia destination-victoria destination-western-australia